Pain Management Program

Sierra Tucson provides comprehensive residential treatment for men and women, age 18 & over, who suffer from chronic pain including neck and back disorders, oro-facial pain, arthritis, headaches, opiate hyperalgesia, central nervous system sensitivity, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, fibromyalgia and other musculoskeletal and rheumatic conditions.

Our integrative treatment approach combines the best of neuroscience and complementary therapies to help each person move toward recovery and resiliency. Round-the-clock medical and clinical care within a naturally scenic, tranquil setting allow for healing of your body, mind, and spirit.

People in pain frequently struggle with additional problems such as depression, anxiety, or substance abuse. Sierra Tucson’s expert staff of professionals uses an interdisciplinary team approach. We customize both conventional and complementary, evidence-based treatments to support each individual’s unique capacity for wellness and flourishing.

During a typical 45-day stay, you’ll benefit from a wide range of medical and clinical services that simultaneously treat co-occurring conditions. With so many treatment modalities to help uncover and heal underlying issues, you’ll find new opportunities for increased self-discovery, healing, freedom, and joy.


The goal of Sierra Tucson’s Pain Management Program is to improve your quality of life by providing additional alternatives to help manage, control and reduce your pain, so you can return to your referring professional with an increased ability to function at higher levels.

If medication is required, non-addictive medications with fewer side effects will be considered first, although long-term management occasionally will require opioid maintenance regimens.

Your multidisciplinary treatment team will include an attending physician, primary therapist, family therapist, continuing care counselor, psychologist, physical therapist, trainer, therapeutic activity & fitness specialists, and licensed integrative therapy practitioners.

Rather than focusing solely on the physical tissue damage or psychological effects of pain, you’ll receive treatment that balances each aspect of your health. And you’ll take home a comprehensive set of new skills, insights, and resources to sustain the journey of recovery that begins here.


Comprehensive care includes a complete diagnostic assessment, from which the multidisciplinary team will develop and coordinate your individualized treatment plan. Sierra Tucson’s compassionate staff members understand the deep emotional pain felt by patients and families. Extensive experience and training enable us to provide the highest quality of care for your emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

The treatment team meets regularly to assess and review individual progress, sharing insights from their areas of expertise and collaborating to update your treatment plan. This continual reassessment provides optimized treatment to simultaneously address the total scope of your pain management and any co-occurring disorders. Although no one is guaranteed to leave pain-free, to a great extent suffering can be relieved. As awareness, mood, sleep, and physical ability improve, your quality of life can be enhanced and continue to progress after treatment.

Treatment is a vital first step, providing a foundation for recovery, and it is essential for you to follow a plan to continue your success. So you’ll leave Sierra Tucson with a Continuing Care Plan developed for your specific needs. In addition, Alumni Services will provide you with resources, follow-up communication, and encouragement to remind you that you’re never alone on your new journey.

Therapies & Services Available

• Thorough Physical, Psychiatric, and Psychological History
• Pharmaceutical Evaluation and Treatment (including safe detox if needed)
• Specialty Medical Consultation and Skilled Nursing Care
• Anti-inflammatory Nutritional Instruction and Pain Managment Education
• Physical, Trigger Point, and Safe Exercise Therapy
• Hydrotherapy by fitness specialists for movement and physical conditioning
• Somato-Emotional Release Massage for release of stress, depression, and fatigue
• Stress Management and Reduction Therapies, such as group Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Bio-Neurofeedback, and Somatic Experiencing®
• Denial Management and Substance Abuse Counseling (if needed)
• Pain Flare-up Planning and Sleep Restoration Plan
• Four-Day Family Program to enhance patient recovery and extend healing to the family