Treatment for Smoking / Nicotine Addiction


Sierra Tucson encourages patients to address all addictions during treatment, including nicotine addiction.


Although smoking areas are provided at Sierra Tucson, freedom from nicotine addiction drastically improves a person’s health and enhances their recovery from other addictive diseases. A report in The American Journal on Addictions indicates that stopping tobacco use can triple a person’s odds of staying abstinent from alcohol and other drugs. An independent outcome study conducted for Sierra Tucson by The Matrix Institute on Addictions in 1996 also supports a clear relationship between smoking cessation and abstinence from alcohol.


At Sierra Tucson, patients are educated individually and in lectures about the consequences of tobacco use (both cigarettes and smokeless tobacco) and the benefits of quitting. Support groups present an opportunity for patients to share their experience, strength, and hope with one another, providing encouragement to those trying to gain freedom from this powerful addiction.


In addition to counseling, education, and support groups, Sierra Tucson also offers medication to help reduce tobacco cravings. Nicotine substitutes in the form of patches are available, as well as the medication buprion (Zyban, Wellbutrin). Auricular and full-body acupuncture are also offered to decrease withdrawal symptoms.

Measurable Outcomes & Documented Successes

At Sierra Tucson, we are dedicated to providing evidence-based treatment that leads to measurable positive outcomes. Together with your treatment team, you will develop specific goals that will take you step-by-step toward the outcome that matters most. Sierra Tucson tracks the progress of patients to show actual improvement.

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