Assessment & Diagnostic Program

Sierra Tucson offers a unique Assessment and Diagnostic Program (ADP) to provide intensive, in-depth clinical, neuropsychological, and/or educational assessment. Fully focusing on assessment and diagnosis, this specific program works successfully with patients who require a comprehensive evaluation due to diagnostic uncertainty and complexity.

The ADP Inpatient Program

The ADP is an inpatient program with a typical 4 ½-day length of stay for clinical assessments, and a 6 ½-day length of stay for neuropsychological or educational assessments. During this time the individual undergoes intensive evaluation, counterbalanced with educational lectures, assignments, one-on-one consultations, and some ancillary services. Using the full range of resources available at our treatment center, Sierra Tucson can provide a more comprehensive assessment than would be possible in most other settings.

A Whole Person Assessment

Sierra Tucson’s ADP constitutes a whole-person assessment, encompassing all aspects of an individual’s life. In conjunction with medical, psychiatric, and mental health psychological evaluations, these assessments may address the areas of nutrition, recreation/fitness, pain, addiction, trauma/grief/loss, biofeedback/stress, cognitive concerns (e.g. memory, attention, language difficulties), and relationship/family issues. Individuals in the ADP receive numerous psychological tests during their stay at Sierra Tucson. Testing is based on each person’s assessment needs and may be clinical, neuropsychological, and/or educational.

An Integrated Diagnostic Report

Upon completion of the evaluation process, a multidisciplinary team reviews assessment data and prepares an integrated diagnostic report. The team reviews the findings confidentially in a round table meeting with the patient, referring professional, and, when appropriate, family members. The patient’s needs and welfare are the focus of this comprehensive report, which is complete with recommendations for further treatment interventions, as appropriate. Teleconference is available for those who cannot attend the round table meeting in person.

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