Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Treatment for bipolar disorder at Sierra Tucson is conducted within our Mood and Anxiety Program (MAP).

The MAP is an innovative program that features individualized treatment based on the patient’s case history and in-depth evaluations conducted during the intake process and after admission.

Among the many benefits of treatment for bipolar disorder at Sierra Tucson is that we are uniquely prepared to identify and treat any of the many co-occurring disorders that often accompany bipolar disorder. Holistic treatment that addresses all disorders puts patients in the best possible position to overcome the challenges they are facing, and successfully pursue lifelong recovery.

The MAP takes a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to treatment of bipolar disorder and other mood disorders, and integrates Sierra Tucson’s full range of treatment options to ensure that each patient receives treatment that has been specifically calibrated to meet his or her unique needs.

Bipolar Treatment Methods at Sierra Tucson

As indicated above, one of the key facets of treatment for bipolar disorder at Sierra Tucson is that each patient receives a personalized plan. Thus, no two patients will have identical treatment experiences with us. That said, the following are among the more common options and activities that are integrated into comprehensive bipolar treatment within the Sierra Tucson Mood and Anxiety Program:

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