Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

At Sierra Tucson’s internationally renowned alcohol treatment center, you won’t just be undergoing alcohol rehab. During your time at Sierra Tucson, you will experience innovative treatment programs that can effectively heal your body, mind, and spirit, addressing not only your alcohol addiction but also co-occurring disorders you may have.

Effective Treatment for Alcoholism

Our years of success have demonstrated that the most effective treatment for alcohol abuse includes  individual therapy and group therapy,  experiential and integrative therapies, a strong family program, and spirituality to target all aspects of addiction.

Sierra Tucson’s alcohol treatment center bases addiction treatment on our innovative Sierra Model®, which integrates philosophies and practices from the medical, psychological, therapeutic, and self-help communities. Our whole-person approach to alcohol rehabilitation addresses all aspects of each patient’s life and incorporates the 12-Step process for a powerful and productive treatment experience.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Process groups are a central component of the treatment experience. In groups of six to eight people, individuals are provided the support and understanding needed for successful alcohol rehabilitation. Patients are also provided an individualized treatment plan, which may include disease and recovery education, relapse prevention, 12-Step meetings, Equine-Assisted Therapy, Adventure Therapy, and Grief and Spirituality therapy sessions.

Triggers of Alcoholism

With the understanding that alcoholism is often triggered by an underlying cause, experts at our alcohol treatment center effectively address the needs of patients having one or several diagnoses. Specialty groups focus on specific areas of concern, such as compulsive behaviors, trauma, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety disorders. Nicotine cessation, cocaine and heroin addiction, and pharmaceutical drug addiction are among the issues addressed in our addiction programs.

Patients are exposed to a variety of treatments that will put them on the path to a long-term recovery from alcoholism. They also learn about relapse triggers and relapse-prevention strategies. Modalities of treatment include experiential therapies, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Psychodrama, Integrative Therapies, and medication management. Also, our patients are continually assessed throughout their stay at Sierra Tucson to determine the appropriate type of treatment at each stage of alcohol rehab.

Family Program

The Sierra Model® emphasizes the involvement of family members during a patient’s treatment. Sierra Tucson’s Family Program provides an opportunity for family members, ages 18 and over, to participate in the recovery process. Treating alcoholism within the context of the family support system provides a much stronger foundation for recovery from alcohol dependence and also gives understanding, support, education, and healing to the family.

“Connections” Personalized Recovery Support and Advocacy

Along with your written Continuing Care Plan and Alumni Services, everyone in the Addictions/Co-occurring Disorders Program can benefit from “Connections.” The “Connections” care management program offers a full year of personalized recovery support and advocacy for the patient and family after treatment. Growing evidence shows that post-treatment monitoring and support significantly enhance long-term recovery outcomes. See our video to better understand the excellent long-term recovery support provided by Connections.

Measurable Outcomes & Documented Successes

At Sierra Tucson, we are dedicated to providing evidence-based treatment that leads to measurable positive outcomes. Together with your treatment team, you will develop specific goals that will take you step-by-step toward the outcome that matters most. Sierra Tucson tracks the progress of patients to show actual improvement.

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How to Get Help Now

Sierra Tucson’s alcohol treatment center is world-renowned for successful treatment. If you or someone you love need help: