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At Sierra Tucson, we are dedicated to a collaborative, highly communicative process with the entire referral and support network. Physicians, therapists, and interventionists will be quickly reassured that our mission is one of inclusion and information.

A Message from our Associate Program Director

A Message from our Associate Director

We extend a warm welcome to any professional visiting our Professionals’page. Whether you are interested in a client entering treatment at Sierra Tucson or you want to join our professional network, we hope our website will be a resource for information and guidance.. Read more »


We are firmly committed to the Sierra Model of treatment, which recognizes that we all exist as mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Only after healing progresses beyond the symptomatic to embrace the whole person does real recovery begin. Our experiences and successes in residential treatment help patients move beyond underlying problems to true recovery.


Success Stories

"Sierra Tucson gave me a chance to live the life I was always meant to have. Sierra Tucson gave me a new chance at life, and I will always be grateful."

Clinical Excellence

One of the region's top-ranking hospitals, and the #1 psychiatric facility in Tucson, Arizona. U.S. News & World Report - America's Best Hospitals for Psychiatric Care.