Mental heath issues and behavioral disorders can be challenging both for the person with the disorder and for those who love, care about, and/or are dependent upon the sufferer.

Mental health and behavioral disorders can disrupt virtually every aspect of a person’s life, with repercussions that can resonate throughout families, workplaces, and social circles. Disorders can make it difficult if not downright impossible for people to be effective parents or partners, while diseases such as eating disorders and depression disorders can overwhelm an individual’s ability to function altogether.

Misconceptions Preventing Help

Complicating the matter even further, though awareness and understanding about the different types of disorders have increased significantly in recent decades, wrong perceptions continue to prevent many people from getting the help they need. Whether due to shame, a belief that mental health problems aren’t “real” illnesses, or fear that no treatment can help, too many people and families have suffered too long.

Types of Disorders

The following is a list of the different types of disorders:

The Good News

The good news is that for the vast majority of the most common types of disorders, both mental health and behavioral, help is both available and effective. Of course, treatment and recovery depend upon a number of factors unique to the individual client — but decades of developments in the field of behavioral health care have yielded a wide range of successes.

For some patients, traditional therapy and/or medication can resolve the issues. In other cases, more innovative and intensive treatment modalities are called for. But regardless of the circumstances that bring a person into treatment, productive collaboration among qualified professionals and a dedicated client have the potential to make life-altering improvements in the lives of the patient and his or her loved ones.

However, recovery can’t take place until the patient is assessed, the disorders are identified, and an effective comprehensive treatment plan is put into place.

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