Program Rates

The Value of Treatment at Sierra Tucson

At Sierra Tucson, our goal is to provide you with world-class clinical care, delivered with an unmatched level of precision and professionalism. When you choose to heal with us, we will work with you as a unified team so you are assured of receiving comprehensive care that is truly personalized to meet your unique needs.

Sierra Tucson provides comprehensive treatment at an all-inclusive rate. This includes our Connections Program, an innovative and comprehensive clinical case management program that provides patients and their families critical support on their road to recovery and healing for a minimum of one year.  

It is important to understand that, because we are dedicated to developing personalized treatment plans for each patient, the cost of your treatment will vary depending upon your specific needs and the unique plan that we develop to meet those needs.

For specific rate information, please call 800-842-4487.

Read our page with more information about using insurance to help pay for treatment – including out of network insurance benefits.

Program Descriptions

Initial Assessment Services (IAS), first 2 days 

The first days of treatment for each patient also include initial laboratory testing; history and physical examination; initial psychiatric evaluation; admission psychological screening tools; and psychosocial, nursing, and fitness assessments.

Assessment & Diagnostic Program
The comprehensive Assessment and Diagnostic Program includes room and board, 24-hour nursing care, standard psychological testing, consultations, routine medications, and integrated report. If additional specialized diagnostic testing is utilized, i.e., neuropsychological evaluations, MRIs, EEGs, or other required tests, charges are billed separately.

Insurance Benefits

Sierra Tucson will assist in billing your insurance by providing a completed claim and itemization of charges. We will also work with your carrier and provide updates throughout treatment regarding your medical care.

Insurance policies and benefits vary greatly; our staff can help obtain a quote of coverage under your policy. This data provides a list of benefits allowable according to the definitions of the contract as provided by your insurance carrier. Your employer and insurance agent can also be helpful in answering questions about your available benefits.

The insurance carrier or managed care company determines appropriateness of care based on your presenting problem(s). They have established guidelines for medical necessity and may certify a portion of your stay up front.

Rarely does a plan approve an entire treatment stay. Sierra Tucson will work with your insurance company to provide the requested clinical information.  However, Sierra Tucson has no control over the outcome of these reviews. Importantly, these reviews do not guarantee payment by your insurance carrier upon final billing.

Lending Options

We have partnered with American Healthcare Lending, to ensure as many families as possible are able to afford treatment.

Payment Responsibility

Please be aware that Sierra Tucson cannot hold your insurance company responsible for payment of fees. An insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance company. Sierra Tucson contracts with you upon admission when you sign the “Conditions of Admission,” which obligates you to pay for services rendered.

If your insurance does not cover all of your treatment costs or if you are self-paying for treatment, please bring the agreed-upon payment with you. Incomplete or delayed financial arrangements can postpone actual admission. We will work with you to make suitable arrangements to meet your financial obligations.

To avoid any delay in your admission to Sierra Tucson, our review of insurance or other payment arrangements is necessary.

Before coming to Sierra Tucson, obtain a copy of your policy booklet that contains all of your health coverage information. Bring this document with you, as it is extremely helpful in resolving problems that may arise with your insurance. Please also bring your insurance identification card, a claim form, and your driver’s license.

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