Your decision to enter Sierra Tucson’s drug, alcohol, depression, anxiety and chronic pain treatment program is very important – one that will affect the rest of your life. We are committed to giving you the highest quality treatment experience. It is our goal that as we individualize your treatment plan to fit your own personal needs, you will gain hope, insight, tools, and strength to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

In order that you come prepared and know what to expect, we have compiled the following information that will help you in planning for your treatment experience.

Patient Rights

Sierra Tucson believes in respectful treatment of patients, family members, and staff while providing a safe and supportive environment. Sierra Tucson provides a system to ensure that the patients’ and family members’ rights are preserved and protected. These rights are outlined in the patient handbook given to you upon admission.


Sierra Tucson’s commitment to each patient’s confidentiality is ensured by our legal responsibility as mandated by state and federal law. Each staff member is dedicated to upholding these standards in all communications and records.

Initial Assessment Services

Upon arrival, your initial assessment and evaluation process will take place in our Initial Assessment Services (IAS) area. You will remain in IAS (at the IAS daily rate) until you are medically cleared and your initial treatment plan is developed (generally, the first two days). In addition, you may reside in IAS until a bed opens in a lodge (in this case, the daily rate would be reduced to your program’s per diem rate). In either case, once you are medically cleared you will begin participating in the full therapeutic program, regardless of whether you have been transferred to a lodge. Room accommodations in lodges are semi-private, as this is a key component in facilitating your recovery process.


Patients may have visitation on Sundays and designated holidays after they have met with their unit therapist and appropriate visitors have been authorized. Visitors are required to check in at the main reception desk upon arrival and must follow the guidelines for appropriate attire. Guests are asked to not bring any food, candy, soda, gifts, magazines, etc. to any patient, and all packages will be checked. In order to ensure confidentiality, cameras and picture-taking are not permitted on the grounds of Sierra Tucson. Visiting hours on Sundays are from 3:00 – 5:50 p.m.

Travel Arrangements

Patients are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to Tucson. For your convenience, Sierra Tucson has arranged for Hunter Travel to assist you with travel, if needed. You may contact Hunter Travel at 800-876-8785.

If traveling by plane, bus, or train, Sierra Tucson will meet you at the baggage claim area when you disembark. We will need a physical description, so we know for whom to look.

Family Program

The Family Program at Sierra Tucson is designed to create a recovery foundation for you and your family or significant others, ages 18 and over. This program aims to expand self-awareness and knowledge of family dynamics as well as increase communication skills. Invited family members are introduced to a variety of self-care tools and various resources for continuing care.

During the Intake process, you will complete an invitation list for the Family Program so that your family/significant others can be contacted and given program information. A family therapist will call the family member(s) when the list has been finalized after your arrival. It is necessary that those planning to attend confirm their plans no later than the Monday prior to the beginning of the Family Program. Please bring addresses and phone numbers for all family members/significant others whom you may invite to the Family Program.

The Family Program begins Monday at 8:00 a.m. and ends on Thursday at 6:15 p.m.  Participation in this program is included in the cost of the patient’s treatment; travel and accommodations are not included. We suggest the following accommodations and recommend that you ask about a special rate for Sierra Tucson Family Members:

• Best Western Catalina Inn, 520-818-9500
• Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, 800-228-2800
• Hilton El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort, 800-325-7832
• Miraval, Life in Balance®, 800-825-4000
• The Villas at Miraval, 800-825-4000
• Oro Valley Hotel & Suites, 520-544-2100
• The Golf Villas, 866-904-9158
• The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain, 520-572-3000
• Westward Look Resort, 800-722-2500

Some of these facilities offer special rates and/or transportation for Sierra Tucson’s Family Program participants. Sierra Tucson has arranged for BCD Travel to assist you with travel arrangements, if needed. You may contact a BCD travel agent at 800-327-7215.

Outside childcare services are available for children. The family therapist can provide details about these services, including fees. It will be the responsibility of family members to make arrangements for childcare prior to the Family Program.