How to Facilitate a Referral

Your patient’s decision to enter a Sierra Tucson treatment program is very important—one that will affect the rest of their lives. We are committed to providing the highest quality treatment experience. It is our goal that, as we individualize the treatment plan to fit each person’s clinical needs, our patients will gain hope, insight, tools, and strength to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

In order to help you support your clients in their admission to Sierra Tucson and to help in planning for their treatment experience, we have compiled the following information:

A treatment professional or potential patient or family member may call our Intake Department (U.S.A. toll-free (800) 842-4487; U.K. Freephone 0800 891166) to speak with an Intake Coordinator. The Intake Coordinator will work hand-in-hand with the prospective patient throughout this process:

    • An Intake Coordinator will have an initial conversation with the caller to discuss the presenting issues. The patient will be asked to identify if they are working with an outside treatment provider, who will be contacted for clinical information. Initial information on Sierra Tucson’s Programs will be shared. If desired and appropriate, the Intake Coordinator will take insurance information and discuss financial arrangement options, including who would be the financially responsible party for the treatment. The financially responsible party (often a loved one of the patient) will speak to someone in the business office.
    • An Intake Assessment, which takes about 30 – 45 minutes, will take place over the phone with the patient. Additionally, during this process, the outside treatment professional/s calls the Intake Coordinator or can complete the Pre-Admission Clinical Information form online or by fax, which will provide us with background clinical information.
    • If the patient is appropriate for admission, arrangements (travel, logistics, etc.) are made.
    • If an interventionist is involved in making the referral, the Intake Assessment may take place with a designated family member.

When a Patient has been Admitted

A referring treatment professional will be called within 24 hours of a patient’s admission to let them know of the patient’s safe arrival. The patient will be asked to sign a release for their outside treatment professionals after the first 24 hours. Provided the patient appropriately signs a release for their outside treatment providers, a Sierra Tucson Unit Therapist will reach out to you weekly regarding treatment updates, medication changes, and continuing care planning. (Please note, if you do not receive communication from the Sierra Tucson treatment team, it is likely due to the absence of a signed release. We respect patients’ rights for confidentiality, and we consider not being able to communicate with the entire treatment team, including you—the outside professional, to be a clinical issue that will be addressed in treatment.)

The Family Program is typically held during the patient’s third to fourth week of treatment. Family members will be contacted by the patient’s Family Therapist after the patient completes their Family Invitation List and signs releases (typically within the first week of treatment). If at any time you are having challenges with communication while your patient is in treatment or wish to speak to someone regarding professional events offered by Sierra Tucson in your region, feel free to reach out to your Regional Clinical Outreach Coordinator.