The Sierra Model

The Sierra Model® of treatment recognizes a simple truth: all of us exist as mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Only when the whole person is healed—not just the symptoms, but the underlying problems—can recovery begin.

Key Principles

The Sierra Model® integrates philosophies and practices from the medical, psychological, family systems, and self-help communities. Principles of the Twelve-Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous enhance intensive psychiatric care. The result is a powerful treatment experience.

The Sierra Model® defines disease as a dysfunctional state with characteristic form, whether that form is a mental health condition, addiction, or a physical problem.

Every program we offer is shaped by the philosophy of the Sierra Model®. Because it is designed to treat the whole person, patients learn to understand underlying causes of emotional and behavioral disorders and recognize how to avoid subsequent addictions and dependencies during the recovery process. This prepares them for the challenge of staying healthy once treatment ends.

Emphasis on Family

The Sierra Model® also emphasizes the involvement and treatment of family members during the patient’s treatment. As a valuable component, each patient’s family is brought into the treatment process.

Family members participate in a number of shared experiences with the patient, including intensive feelings work, communication skills, and integration of family issues into the treatment process. During this time of education and healing, families come to understand that recovery is, indeed, a lifelong process.

Integrated Therapies

The Sierra Model® , developed by Sierra Tucson, reflects a deep commitment to treating the whole person with integrated, individualized psychiatric and non-traditional therapies rooted in the Twelve-Step recovery process.

These therapies are based upon Sierra Tucson’s thorough diagnostic capability, which delves beyond the patient’s presenting symptoms and behavioral disorder to identify and resolve the unique core issues that are symptomatic and associated with the disorder. Experiential in nature, Sierra Tucson’s individualized treatment plans are developed by experienced, clinical professionals.

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Sierra Tucson is a multi-licensed as a Psychiatric Hospital and Behavioral Health Residential Treatment Center and also provides Outpatient Assessment Services. Sierra Tucson is dedicated to the prevention, education, and treatment of addictions and mental and behavioral disorders.

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